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Linda Hanna, Associate Broker

Lain Hanna, Realtor

Brittany Acker, Realtor



1.     CHOOSING A REALTOR TO REPRESENT YOU:  In your process of looking for a realtor to

represent you, you will want an agent who offers you loyalty,diligence, confidentiality, obedience,

disclosure, accounting and reasonable care.  The Hanna Team pledges to provide you with the

highest quality of service in the Real Estate Industry.  We are dedicated to assisting you with all

your real estate needs.
2.     Before you place your home on the market here are a few tips to prepare your home so that

you may receive the highest price possible in your time frame.
         A.    Make your home look more spacious.  Clear out the clutter.
         B.     Clean, clean, clean:  dirt, dust and strong odors leave a bad impression.
         C.     Help buyers picture themselves in your home.  Depersonalize by removing family

                  pictures and personal items.  Put valuable items out of reach.
         D.    Brighten your home.  Open drapes, turn on lights for showings.
         E.     If your home requires it, consider painting, at least the communal rooms.
         F.     Spruce up the front door.  Clean steps and sidewalks, trim back hedges.
         G.    We will provide a more extensive guideline when we meet.

At the listing presentation:

1.     We will show you comparable properties that are active, pending and sold within 180-360 days.

2.     We will talk to you regarding your property value.

3.     We will discuss our extensive marketing program, tailored to fit your home.

4.     We will introduce you to all the documents required to list your home for sale: 
           the listing contract, the profile sheet, , the disclosures including, the agency, sellers and lead-based paint disclosures.

5.     We will also discuss the pros and cons of a home warranty, title requirements, mortgage payoff letters, homeowners association and your special                      requirements.

Once your home is listed, we will set appointments, let you know feedback, do open houses, follow the marketing plan developed to fit your needs, negotiate sales, and keep you informed every step along the process.

                                                                                 Our goal is to be your lifetime realtors.

                                     WE CAN HELP YOU FIND A HOME TOO.